University Hospital Waterford Roundabout - Fairybush Landscaping

We recently completed our low maintenance landscaping project at the University Hospital Waterford Roundabout. In this post, we’re going to detail our process and why we did what we did for this project. When coming up with the design of this project, we discussed as a team what we hoped to achieve and what would be the best way to achieve would be.

low maintenance landscaping - Fairybush Landscaping

The roundabout at the University Hospital is one of the busiest in Waterford and there are many houses and estates close by. With this in mind, we settled on a very low maintenance landscaping project that wouldn’t disrupt traffic for a long period of time or create too much noise pollution.

One of the major benefits of a low maintenance landscape ongoing maintenance would be minimal and infrequent. This allows us to prevent further disruptions in the future.

We used artificial grass instead of laying a new lawn for many reasons. It is natural-looking and can withstand extreme weather conditions without any degradation. Artificial grass is maintenance-free and ours comes with a 15-year guarantee! We selected low maintenance plants that were not only cost-effective but wouldn’t need frequent upkeep.

The four trees are Himalayan silver birch and were already part of the roundabout. One of the trees leans towards the left and we pruned it in a way to make this less obvious. Artificial grass isn’t as biologically diverse as natural grass, to counteract this we planted lots of pollinator-friendly bedding plants to provide food for bees and other vital pollinating insects.

This project took a week to complete to keep disruption low. We would like to thank the Waterford City and County Council for allowing us to sponsor this low maintenance landscaping project and look forward to future projects.

To find out more about how artificial grass or a low maintenance landscape can transform your garden or commercial project, contact us today!

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