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Did you know that bees and other pollinators are responsible for pollinating 71% of our food crops. Here in Ireland, our insect populations are under critical pressure, with a third of our wild bumblebee species threatened with extinction.

Thankfully, as the South East’s leading commercial landscaping contractor, Fairybush Landscaping are in a unique position to help support the vital work being carried out the National Biodiversity Data Centre here in Waterford. When we were approached to adopt another roundabout in Waterford City following from the stunning low-maintenance overhaul we undertook on the Dunmore Road, the pollinator-friendly choice was clear for us.

Commercial landscaping for biodiversityWe started by clearing back some of the matted overgrowth to establish a clear space for the extremely bee-friendly native wildflowers we planted. The mix of species we selected was tailored to compliment the native species found in the locality. This is an important consideration when planting wildflowers as non-native species found in store bought ‘bee-bombs’ can sometimes compete with established wildflowers, having a detrimental effect overall. This mix of wildflowers was carefully chosen not only for its stunning wild-meadow look, but to provide a good source of nectar for insects over the widest range of seasons possible.

On completion of the job, we were delighted to install a ‘Managed for Pollinators’ sign to proudly display the biodiversity-friendly credentials of the project.

How you can get involved

If you’re considering having some landscaping works done to your home or premises, we’d recommend considering a space for a wildflower meadow. Not only will it look great, it will also deliver the following benefits:

  • Lower maintenance, just leave it alone at watch it thrive!
  • Requires no watering or chemical treatments, ideal if you have pets and kids
  • Attracts more bees and other pollinators which then will pollinate other flowers in your garden
  • Help deliver a much improved crop if you grow your own fruits, berries or vegetables
  • Naturally improves the soil quality of your garden
  • Helps promote a natural ecosystem of bugs that eat traditional garden pests such as aphids

Biodiversity landscaping for business

If you’re considering commissioning some landscaping works at your business premises, not only will a pollinator friendly plan deliver all the above benefits, but it will provide a simple and cost-effective CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) opportunity. Our friends at the national biodiversity data centre are always delighted to welcome new business partners and provide a range of supports and assistance. Proudly displaying a certificate of participation sends a strong message about your organisation’s green credentials to all visitors to your premises.

Want to talk about your project?

Our team of expert landscape gardeners are always happy to discuss any project and would be delighted to design a bee-friendly plan for you or your company. Simply call us today on 051 383 971 or send us a message using the form to have us call you back.


All statistics referenced in this post are taken from the All Ireland Pollinator plan 2015 – 2020. The plan and further information about how to protect and support our vital pollinating insects in available on the dedicated pollinator plan website here.

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